Our teachers and staff are some of the best in the business! We honor them with a week long celebration in the spring, but our teacher appreciation gestures aren't limited to that. The teacher appreciation team coordinates lunches for parent/teacher conferences, gives gifts to the teachers at the beginning of the year, works with the administration on stocking the monthly snack cart and surprises teachers with other gifts throughout the year (last year in the spring they got charcuterie boxes!). Our teacher appreciation team has done a great job showering teachers with tokens of appreciation all year long to let our teachers know how much we value them. 



Showing appreciation isn't left to the teacher appreciation team.  We solicited quotes from parents and students on why our STEM teachers are the best or something that they've done that really makes an impact. In May 2022 a kindness wall was put up in the school with quotes from students and parents about why they loved STEM teachers. We decided to continue that in the 2022-2023 school year and from now on. We make sure there is a note up there for every last teacher, administrator & support staff. It's really an awesome sight to see and definitely brightens everyone's day who stops by to check it out. See pictures of the wall below, along with many other ways we show our staff appreciation throughout the year.