We are a 501(c)(3) which means anything you donate is tax deductible. We fundraise to support various initiatives and activities within a school community. The primary reasons include:

  • Enhancing Education:  to supplement and enrich the educational experience of students. We provide funds for classroom supplies and educational materials ($600 per grade level or MS subject area, $800 per Specials, and $50-$300 for each support staff team), technology upgrades (10% of what we fundraise for the year), or specialized programs that are not covered by the school's budget. 

  • Enriching Extracurricular Activities: we aim to support extracurricular activities such as outdoor education for the 6th graders. Fundraising allows us to provide additional resources or financial assistance to ensure a well-rounded experience for students beyond the core curriculum.

  • Facility Improvements: We may fundraise to improve school facilities. This can involve renovations, playground upgrades, library enhancements, technology equipment such as 3D printers, poster makers, glow forge, robotics, or the creation of outdoor learning spaces. These improvements benefit the entire school community and contribute to a better learning environment.

  • Community-Building Events: Events organized by us help build a sense of community among parents, teachers, students, and staff. These events can include carnivals, fun runs, trunk or treat, student appreciation, parent’s night out, or family events. The funds raised are often used to support other PTO initiatives and promote a positive school culture. 

  • Teacher Support: We recognize the importance of supporting teachers and staff. We allocate funds to provide online subscriptions, teacher appreciation events, or grants for classroom projects. These efforts contribute to a supportive and motivated teaching staff, ultimately benefiting students.

It's important to note that the specific reasons for fundraising may vary depending on the needs and priorities of the school community. The funds raised by the PTO play a vital role in enhancing educational experiences and creating a nurturing environment for students.