The 2023 Color Run & Fundraiser Promo Video


ARE YOU READY?!?!? After the amazing success of last year's Color Run Fundraiser, we're thrilled to announce another spectacular event this year. The fundraiser will take place from September 1st to 18th, with the highly anticipated Color Run celebration set for September 29th.


The impact of this event reaches far beyond the colorful fun. Every dollar raised will directly benefit STEM students and staff through various avenues such as community events like Movie in the park, Donuts with Grownups, a Spring Event, Gingerbread Houses, Family Game Nights, Parent's Night Out, and more! It also allows us to fulfill funding requests for teachers, teacher appreciation initiatives, technology upgrades, supplemental learning opportunities, outdoor education, and much more. Your support makes all this possible! 


So where do I start? 


1) You've reached the PTO Color Run information page at If you haven't done so already this school year, please click HERE. You'll be directed to either Log In or Create an Account.


2) After logging in, select "Update Personal Info" to enter any updates to your personal information. This includes newly added questions from the PTO designed to better serve our families. Once you've made your changes, click "Next Step"


3) Please ensure you update the "Classroom Teacher" and "T-shirt size" for each child, and also include any newly enrolled siblings at STEM Lab. Follow the prompts until you're returned to the homepage. ***Everyone who completes this step will be registered for the Color Run and will receive a FREE t-shirt.***


4) Select the button labeled "Access your child's fundraising page here." Next, guide your child(ren) to personalize their fundraising page by clicking on their unique fundraising links. Assist them in adding a photo, setting a goal together, and editing the welcome message.


5) SPREAD THE WORD! Share your page on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, text, and via email with family and friends. Remember, all donations must be submitted by September 18th at 11:59pm. Exciting prizes await at various fundraising milestones, so aim to raise as much as possible.


6) Buy Color Run t-shirts for the entire family and explore other spirit store items HERE.


7) If you have not already done so, complete the color run waiver HERE.


8) Join us for the COLOR RUN!!! The event is scheduled for September 29, 2023, at Wyco Park. It's a fantastic chance to socialize with friends and their families beyond the classroom. Food trucks will be available starting at 5pm, followed by grade-specific runs commencing at 5:45pm. Every student can participate in the Color Run, regardless of their donation amount. To secure a complimentary color run t-shirt, students need to register by September 18th.


Click here to see all of the prizes you can earn and learn about school wide incentives!

**For our preschool-aged participants, instead of the listed prizes,

the PTO will designate all funds raised by the preschool community solely for use within the preschool classrooms.